Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Final Stage

The Violinist
24" X 20"
Original Oil

I should have taken photos while I was working on the violin and violinist but I was having too much fun. One night I wrapped up after 3:30am, another morning I was at the easel before 7am. 

The best part is that I had a chance to paint with fellow artist Lee Kromschroeder. He has been a friend for years and had a show in town. During the week he stayed at our house, he worked on an extra piece for the show at Pacific Flyway Gallery while I worked on this painting. Lee's insight and suggestions made this a better painting. Thanks Lee!
One main suggestion was to take down the brilliance of the yellow building behind the central figure. It was such a pretty color but once I decided on keeping the whitish hat, the yellow needed to be more subdued.

This subject matter was a departure for me. I've never painted an instrument before. But, in some ways, this piece fits right in with my other work. In my wildlife paintings I try to create a story, a sense of place. And if the emotion I felt when I was there comes through, even better. 
I wanted to tell this story on the centuries-old streets of Genoa -  and wait for the first notes to play.

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