Friday, May 8, 2015

Getting Started

Another big piece is on my easel. It has been a while since my last post and a lot of the time was spent working out the composition for this planned 30" X 60" piece.
There are a myriad number of decisions to make before a single brushstroke of paint hits my gessoed board.
1.) What do I paint? Why?
2.) Is this something fresh and new?
3.) Am I excited about the idea?
4.) How big?
5.) Do I use a white or Venetian Red gesso?

After that it is hand applying gesso to the board. Then, drawing. Logistics come into play with a board this large. I have a 28" X 50" one-inch thick drawing board with a ledge at the bottom. The backside I prop up with some of my thick bird reference books to give a slope. A pencil and an eraser and I am off.

What I have painted so far may just look like gobbly-gook. I may make adjustments to the background later, but for now it has the movement and colors I want to create a sense of depth.

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