Friday, May 22, 2015

Quick Finish

On May 30th, I will be participating in a Quick Finish at the Spokane Valley Arts Council Auction in  Spokane Valley, WA. Last year there were more than a dozen of us painting, carving and sculpting.

The big question in preparing for one of these is how much to do ahead of time. There will be artists who come with a blank canvas and others who will have quite a bit done. Since 50% of the proceeds go to the Spokane Valley Arts Council, I am opting to have a painting well along. The complementary frame is already ordered.

Spokane is the Lilac City, so....... lilacs.
These are hummingbirds which we have at our house daily this time of year. I took the reference shots last year.

At this stage, the two female hummingbirds may look a bit dull. I have painted a very dark layer where the metallic green feathers will be. Once the dark layer dries, I'll be delicately laying in white with a fine brush which should dry by the 30th.
 When I am at the quick finish, I'll be glazing over the white with a bright green mixed with Liquin. This is one spot where Liquin is the ideal substance. The thinness of the color and the transparency over the white will help the color bounce off and create that glistening metallic feel. The male calliope in the upper left will get a splash of brilliant pink on the feathers under his throat.

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