Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ready for the Quick Finish

The painting is now at a stage that will work for the quick finish this coming Saturday. Many artists might think I am crazy to keep track of the hours I have in a painting (not counting the research, composition thumbnails, or gesso of a board.)
In this case, my hour log is quite handy. I have a good feeling of the amount of time it will take to complete this piece including time to chat with the onlookers.

There are three main components left to go:
1.) lowest lilac clump
2.) glazing all the lemon/green, light green, and emerald green over the newly white feathers on the hummingbirds
3.) glazing a brilliant pink to maroon on the throat feathers of the male calliope.
The glazing will take numerous coats and usually dries in about 15 minutes. I'll start with a coat and while it dries work on the lilac. Then another coat and back to the lilac. The last 15 minutes or so will be overall touches to the piece.

With screwdriver in hand, the painting will go in my frame and I will be ready for Lilac City to be auctioned.

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