Tuesday, August 18, 2015


What do I do when I have a competition deadline pending? You would think I'd choose a simple painting subject using my normal methods.
How about trying something new with a complex subject. In addition, why not make it a difficult shape (a square) and make it a medium-sized painting (16" X 16".)
I can't really explain my reasoning except to say it is a good way to push myself.

You'll be able to see the subject is anything but simple as it "emerges" out of the painting.
 My "new" is the gesso. I've been using Venetian Red gesso for about a year. I like it and think it has enabled me to see colors in a new light. What if I mixed the Venetian Red with a yellow ochre gesso? I had an empty pint can around and put a bit of each in it, then shook. The color was a soft orangey red and I used it for three small paintings.

Now what if I gessoed the top layer with broad strokes of yellow ochre gesso and then dipped my brush in the red/yellow ochre mixture and applied that? The result is below.

Pretty wild. I think it will add a nice glow to the painting.

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