Sunday, November 29, 2015

Germanton Gallery Miniature Show

The 23rd Annual Invitational Miniature Show at the Germanton Gallery opens this coming weekend December 5th and runs through Jan 10th, 2016.

I have two new paintings in the show. When thinking on what to paint for a piece which is 108 square inches or less, I thought to have a North American subject and one African.

The first one was inspired by last February's trip to Massachusetts in the middle of their "big winter." Outside my parents' door were more than a dozen robins huddled, flying, and landing in the bushes and vines. The light was beautiful.

 Just Above Freezing
9" X 12"
Original Oil

The second piece is more from my imagination. I wanted to try and capture one of those silent places in Africa where maybe no human has ever set foot.

Valley of Shadows
7.5" X 14"
Original Oil

See these and other small paintings from artists around the country for sale at:
Germanton Gallery
3530 Hwy 8 & 65
Germanton, N.C. 27019
(336) 969-6121

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marc calvo said...

Congratulations for your participation in this exhibition.This next year i try to be amember of a wildlife art group of North América.