Friday, January 29, 2016


Ptarmigan Time
18" X 26"
Original Oil

Ptarmigan Time or should I say Ptarmigan Ptime.
After looking at my last post, I realized I didn't have the feeling of the fog-laden tundra I wanted. Also, the left bird's head was not distinct enough from the background. I didn't want him "popping" from the background like the other bird, but he needed more.
These two issues could have one solution. If I glazed the background with a cool blue, I could create fog and the cooler color around the bird's head would make his warm head stand out from the background. 
This glazing would be a bit tricky. In order to create the sensation of fog on an uneven terrain in close quarters, I didn't want a smooth and even glaze. The fog needed to "settle" more heavily in some areas than others. Also, the upper right would need more to create the feeling of distance. To accomplish this fog illusion I brushed on liquin mixed with King's Blue, paynes gray, and Titanium white and let it dry. The next day I added another coat changing the color slightly depending on the area. The next day, another coat. By putting on the layers slowly, I could carefully plan my fog.

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