Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Painting with my niece

For many years, Christmas has been the time when I could paint with my nieces. This past Christmas we were not all in Spokane so we could not paint together in the studio.
But, my 16-year niece from Texas made a week-long trip here from July 26th - August 3rd. While we didn't paint all the time, she had enough time to complete a painting.
This is an oil painting which she really did on her own. She chose the subject from my reference, decided on the size, drew it, then painted it. Occasionally she would ask me for color advice, but that was it. She then chose the frame.
In the meantime, I was working on my own painting. (next blog post.)

                                        Audrey painting

 original oil painting by Audrey Besse
9" X 12"

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