Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Winter Solstice
32" X 22"
Original Oil

This title came to me after thinking about the tall surrounding trees. In some ways they remind me of the massive stone columns of Stonehenge. Those stones were arranged between 3000 A.D. and 2000 A.D. and mark the passing of the seasons (and there has been speculation on many other reasons for their purpose.) For the summer and winter solstices, tourists flock to this ancient sight to watch the sunrise aligned perfectly between the columns.

Winter Solstice 2016
Stonehenge, England,   December 21st, 10:44 am GST
U.S. East Coast, December 21st, 5:44 am EST

and for me: U.S. West Coast, December 21st, 2:44 am PST

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