Saturday, April 29, 2017

Breaking Wave

This is the part I have been waiting for. I love the feel of power, elegance, spontaneity, and movement in a breaking wave.

I just came back from lunch and took a hard look at the painting. The wave is too blue. Yes, it is the ocean but it needs to be warmer. The last aqua section could be throwing me off, but I am going to warm up the breaking wave.
Looking over my greens (sap green is my go-to green and I occasionally use viridian), it is time to break out my rarely touched greens. Grabbing another disposable palette sheet (my original is a mess), I squeeze out some chromium oxide green and some permanent green medium. Mixing each with some naples yellow and liquin, I begin to brush the underside of the wave. The brightest mixture, permanent green medium and naples yellow I save for the "see-through" section of the crest.

I've also added more warm green to the foam of the breaking wave, its reflection, and the flat areas.

It appears to be working. OK. I admit it. I don't believe I could have achieved these colors without the aqua tinted gesso.

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