Sunday, April 23, 2017


Several blog posts back, artist Peter Brown inquired about my reasoning for choosing a particular color of gesso for a piece.
This got me thinking about the color of gesso for this next painting.
What if I tinted the gesso an aqua? How would that influence my palette?

Rather than trying the idea on a small piece, figured I'd just go for it. The painting is 24" X 36".
For the tinting I used Turquoise Green and Lake Blue (a little bluer than cerulean blue) and then did a ultramarine blue - paynes gray turpentine wash over my drawing.
Here is the start.

Right now I am at the point of "what was I thinking???!!!!"
This color is throwing me completely off. Usually one sheet of my disposable palette lasts an entire painting. I am only this far and almost the entire sheet is filled with trying this blue combination, then that one.

I am not ready to concede this gesso color was a mistake. The painting will probably take longer but I may find some good surprises with my choice. When I first used the Venetian Red gesso I had no idea that it would push my palette to be more dynamic.
This experiment is going to be a challenge. Stay tuned.


Peter Brown said...

Linda, fear of failure dissuades me from experimenting, and can often delay or even prevent me starting a painting. Needless to say, I admire your willingness to take a chance and back yourself to succeed. Good luck with this painting!

Linda Besse said...

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the encouragement! I have found that though experimentation can be painful, my future paintings are better for it, regardless of whether the experimental piece worked. Of course trying this on a painting which is the centerpiece for an upcoming show may not have been the wisest choice!

Peter Brown said...

What a great attitude. You set a fine example, Linda!