Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Painting Water

There are so many moods to water so I do not tire painting it.
What captured my attention with this scene was the different treatments I could play with in one painting.
There is the distant blue ocean, the crest of the breaking wave, the smooth underneath of the wave, the flat surface between the breaking wave and the broken wave, the foamy broken wave, and the foam remainder from a previous wave which shows sand underneath.

Above is the start of the closest foam section.

The closest section is completed for now. Once I have the rest of the painting blocked in, I'll take a look at this again.

The aqua tinted gesso is still driving me nuts. I can't decide whether to try and work with it (which is the whole point) or ignore it and mix colors like I usually do. Maybe I'll have a better sense of the painting once I move back to the breaking wave.

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