Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A new painting

As promised, I am back to a wildlife piece.
The last oystercatcher piece I did (see blog post March 20th) is slated to for the
Wildlife Treasures Show
Nature in Art Museum
Wallsworth Hall, Sandhurst, Gloucester
which runs July 25th - September 3rd, 2017.

In this rendering, I wanted to show not only a different position for the bird but also paint a different treatment for the water. Rather than blues and greens, here is a chance to play with browns and golds.

For the crest of the wave I grabbed one of my least used tubes of paint, Rembrandt Deep Gold. Not sure when mixing it with burnt sienna, yellow ochre, and naples yellow if the metallic will read, but at least while working on the piece it has a nice effect. And, something I haven't tried before.

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