Thursday, March 19, 2009

Evolution of a Painting Part III

Original Oil painting by Linda Besse 14" X 23"

The completed oil painting.
(See Evolution of a Painting Part I and Part II below.)
Sometimes I have the title in my mind before I start and other times I am struggling to come up with one after I am finished. This time, the title came to me while I was working on the painting at the Tulsa show. After running a couple of other title ideas past a few of my artist friends (who thought they were awful!), I landed on the title which I think says it all.
The title is...................... Polar Plunge

While working on the painting, I was thinking of the Antarctic Polar Plunge I did on the trip. (hence the title.) Yes, there were 40 of us out of the roughly 100 passengers who engaged in this perfectly insane endeavor. Though not as graceful as the penguins, I certainly tried to make up for it with enthusiasm. The photo of me is just after my feet leave the platform and before I am engulfed in iceberg-laden water! Brrrrrr!

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