Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wet on Wet

One of the problems of working wet on wet is that, well, it is wet. How do you paint detail in the center of a painting when resting your hand on the board will smear your work?

This problem was solved was by my ingenious husband who saw me struggling to paint with my right hand while it was steadied in the air by my left. He built me an easel and the best feature is that my hand now rests on an ergonomic board which can be moved vertically to any position.
(You can see the edges of the clamps on either side.)

On to the painting. I have finished the haunch of the zebra.
I saw this leopard coming down the tree in the Serengeti and there was no zebra. But, I really like leopards and I thought I’d give him dinner. Also, I liked adding an element which enhanced the story.


Peter Brown said...

I'm following this one with interest Linda - it's looking good. I just hope the leopard's spots and the zebra's stripes don't get to you in the same way that the acacia leaves did!

Linda Besse said...

Hi Peter,
Actually, I still have all my hair! Haven't pulled it out yet. The leopard and zebra took pity on me and were "a lot of fun." Both seemed to fly off the brush.