Monday, October 26, 2009

Hunting painting - still in progress

This next stage was all about the chocolate lab. I started with the head and moved through the chest, over to the tail and finished with the legs.
(Note: all these images are a little blurry. When I am finished, I'll scan the painting and you will be able to see the detail.)

One thing which always takes me more time are unnatural colors. I am so accustomed to using the colors of nature that when I need to paint something like the dog collar in vivid reds, it takes more time for me to mix the colors. They just aren't second "nature" to me.

I also spent a little time on the background. I wanted it muted, but there were places where it was distracting. I am not done with it yet, but I think it is moving in the right direction.


naturegirl said...

Linda-this is just lovely. There is so much emotion in the simplicity of it. I just love this painting. I can't wait to see it in person.

ps..can't wait to see you in person either! Let's make a date for some crab cakes, ok?

Linda Besse said...

Hi Vickie,
Thanks ... and it's a date.