Saturday, March 20, 2010

I said DRAW!

Yes, today I am doing a Quick Draw at the Big Horn Show in Spokane.

For those of you who haven't witnessed this sort of thing, an artist has a set amount of time (in this case a little less than 2 hours) to produce artwork which then goes up for auction, immediately.

Some artists do a drawing and others paint. I'll be painting a 14" X 10.75" oil painting inspired by the herd of elk I saw a number of years ago in a field with Mt. Spokane in the background. I have wanted to paint it ever since. My drawing is already on my gessoed board (and no, that is not cheating), and I will need to cover the entire piece with my oils. And, make it look good. It has been a number of years since I have done one of these, the last in Seattle, but then we only had 45 minutes and a camera on us.

I will be the only one doing a Quick Draw so there will undoubtably be questions for me while I paint. I'm ready!........ I think. I guess that is the fun of a Quick Draw.

As a good sign, I saw the herd of elk 2 days ago about 10 minutes from my house. Late afternoon light. I usually see them only once, maybe twice a year. What a treat.

So, Ready, Set, ..................Paint!


naturegirl said...

I remember my first quick draw...sheesh! I did a horse in pencil and when the 30 min bell rang, I was still on the background!!! Well, now I am a veteran quick draw artist...I have done three. :O (Not!)
Good luck and I expect to see pictures!

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