Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Ethology Award Part II

Best Depiction of Natural Behavior in Digital Medium

Notice how the subject attempts to blend into the background. This creature often uses camouflage or an object (such as a large bolder) to mask its presence. It also carries around a large white and black appendage or a book with lots of papers and a writing utensil. We think it may do this because it is trying to learn to use its opposable thumbs.

With careful observation, we have found that the subject will "creep" to new locations. An act of quietly and slowly moving to gain a better vantage point.

Here, the subject uses the natural willow of the tundra from which to "peep." (peep: verb, when the subject moves up and down furtively to catch a glance, grab a photo, then duck out of sight.)

An entire treatise could be written on the sometimes bizarre behavior of this creature, but to sum up, its methods seem to produce some great reference photos.

     Yes, this is me in the Manitoba tundra getting some great shots of migrating snow geese. Many of the little ones (this year's young) have never seen a human! In the background, you can see Hudson Bay. This tundra landscape changes dramatically twice a day with its fourteen foot tidal change. Here, the tide is moving out.
     This was a great trip to Northern Manitoba. We were at Dymond Lake (about 30 km west of Churchill) with Webber's Lodges. It was not uncommon to see my footprints of yesterday afternoon covered by polar bear tracks, or wolf, or arctic fox. In the near future, you can expect to see some paintings from this amazing trip.

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A Bishop's Wife said...


Thank you for your blog! It is interesting to view the "behind the scenes" part of your work. Congratulations on winning the Ethology Award! Yeay you! We continue to enjoy your newsletter also.

xo, gloria waggoner