Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

New Year's Resolution #27
Stay more current on my blog.

To top off a wonderful Holiday Season, snow blanketed Spokane. It started as rain then turned into a magnificent storm dropping more than 10 inches. The rain actually enhanced its beauty. By coating the trees first with ice, the snow landed on a "prepared" surface. It is almost a week after the storm and thanks to sub-zero temperatures, the picture perfect landscape remains.

If I painted it without showing it to you, you'd never believe it. So, as proof, here are two of the more mundane photos of my side yard.


You should see it when the sun comes out!!!


Terry Miller said...

What a view! Lucky you! Happy New Year Linda.

naturegirl said...

That is just beautiful!!!

sschopfer said...

They could be photos for your next Christmas cards.