Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Painted

Like many artists, my painting ideas may germinate for a long time. Sometimes days, but more often months or years. As soon as I saw this little zebra colt in 2007, I knew I had to paint him. His bright orange coat and his gesture toward his mom was a scene that haunted me, in a good way. But the right time didn't materialize and I hadn't quite figured out how I wanted to paint them.

Once I came up with a more square format, the composition came into focus for me. I wanted other zebra in the scene but no complete zebra except for the mom and colt. Including the loose background zebra seemed to help with the square format.

While painting the scene, the title eluded me. It finally materialized with my last brush stroke.

18" X 23.5"
Original Oil

1 comment:

Terry Miller said...

Well worth the wait . . . it's a lovely work!