Thursday, January 20, 2011

Knowing When to Stop

If every artist knew when to stop painting, artists would know better how to begin.

How often do we artists noodle a painting? Putting in detail that doesn't need to be there. Fussing with the edges. Thinking there needs to be one more bird when there should be two less. Changing a simple dramatic scene into something complex and ultimately.... boring.

I am not immune. So, I do try to think like an editor. Does that story line really add to the plot? If my painting were someone else's painting (helps me to think critically if it is not mine), what would I take out?

Some of this thinking came into play with the sticks. Should I have more? less? should the line go to the left or right? Should I cover up all the background wash? (I decided to leave some showing.) You may not agree with all my choices on this painting. Many are subjective. Artists of all levels may have chosen differently. In the end, this painting says what I wanted it to say. I feel what I wanted to feel. And hopefully, I knew when to stop.
Not Backing Down
24" X 36"
Original Oil

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sschopfer said...

I think you stopped at the right place. This is very dramatic!