Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finished elk painting

Call of the Wild
30" X 50"
Original Oil

 Hmmmm, I thought it was finished. An artist friend of mine made a great observation. Even though I moved the calf away from the bull elk, he isn't far enough away. Sigh. My friend was right. Why did I not see it before? This means repainting the calf, painting out the other one, and changing the reflection. Maybe if I just painted out the calf.

Before I did anything, I went to my computer. Using my photo program (Paint Shop Pro) I could try out both options: moving the calf and taking it out all together. Both looked better than my current arrangement. The big difference is I feel the calf tells part of the story and is the only animal reacting directly to the bull's call. Decision: calf stays in and moves.

Below is the completed painting.



Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

That is a beautiful painting Linda. I do like the change you made in the composition by moving the calf over. Will you be attending the Realism show in Virginia next month?

Linda Besse said...

Thank you Barbara! And thanks for watching the progress. No, I won't be able to make the show because I had another trip planned. Sounds like a great event. Just getting ready to pack my piece and send it off. Have a great time.