Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Elk continued

After filling in the trees on the right, I mixed the color for the small golden deciduous tree on the left. Cadmium yellow, titanium white and yellow ochre for the bright area and raw umber and yellow ochre for the shadow side. I thought I had the color perfectly mixed and began painting the tree. It was much too light and therefore dull. Adding more cadmium yellow and yellow ochre really made the tree "pop."

The tallest tree on the left was driving me crazy so I shortened it (no chain saws were involved and no trees were injured.) Now the deep background is over the top of the tree.

Figuring out the color for the background light rocks was a challenge. I knew the feeling I wanted but couldn't quite see the color clearly enough in my head. However, I knew of a sage grouse painting by James Morgan which I thought had a touch of the peachy color the painting needed. Looking in my Birds in Art catalogue when he was Master, I found the painting  - and the color.
A simple mix and I had it.

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