Monday, July 13, 2015

Next Painting

My lioness piece is done. When I have the scan of the completed painting later this week, I will post it. In the meantime, I will start posting my next painting in progress. It is another large one (30" X 50".)

I debated whether to paint this piece on Venetian Red gesso rather than white gesso. The deciding factor was that I really wanted to push my colors and think the red gesso helps me do that.
The first step was the upper right. Here I went wild with some electric blue (ultramarine blue as the base.)

The trees are painted with cooler tones. If I can keep the background cool, the warmth of the foreground will shine. With a warmer sap green, I mixed in some ultramarine blue. I also played around with a smattering of permanent green medium and chromium oxide green. The darkest darks have some paynes gray. For the lighter color on the trees, I used naples yellow.

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