Thursday, December 7, 2017

Painting and repainting

Some artists use a palette knife to paint. I use one to mix paint - and scrap it off. The lower dark left section I painted three? four? times. If you add up all the changes it was more than that. Just as I thought "that is it", I'd take a second look. No. Time to move some paint around, add lighter and darker areas. After taking a break or seeing it the next morning, I'd decide to scrap off that section and start over. There are just a few more adjustments to make so I think I can put down the palette knife and move on.

For the foreground snow I am increasing the hue. There are passages of cerulean blue along with the purple tones. Below, the last of the "white" is painted.


Unknown said...

Looks great, Linda. What size is this? Looking forward to seeing you in Tulsa. Scott & Leah G.

Linda Besse said...

Hi Scott and Leah,
The painting is 26" X 35". Not a standard size but that is the aspect ratio which worked best for my composition.
Looking forward to seeing you in Tulsa too!