Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Main Attraction

Now that the stage is set, time for the main attraction.

I've found a curious thing about spending time in polar bear country. I'll spend hours in a small willow blind scanning the horizons for polar bears. Just when I know I've spotted one, a quick look through the binoculars will reveal a large shiny....... boulder. Twenty minutes later and the sun reflecting off another boulder looks just like a polar bear.
But, when a polar bear comes in to view it is so obvious. Their white hollow fur almost glows and there is nothing quite like it. Then I wonder how I could have ever mistaken a glacial erratic for this magnificent creature.

It is that glow which the background is designed to enhance.

My fully adjustable hand rest helps me work in the middle of the painting when the lower section is wet.

I mixed three main colors for the sunlit part of the bear. A base warm yellow-white, a bright white (titanium white and cadmium yellow deep), and a warm peach.

Some of the cool colors I mixed for the ice and snow are used for his rump and the back of his legs.

Almost done.


Peter Brown said...

Another fabulous painting in the making, Linda. I'm enjoying these progress reports very much.

Linda Besse said...

Hi Peter. Thanks! Glad you are finding these posts interesting. I appreciate you following along. Linda