Friday, May 29, 2020

The Biggest Challenge - Challenge #4

There are a lot of challenges in this piece, some of which I haven't quite figured out yet.
However, it is pretty obvious that the biggest challenge is painting the Peter Paul Rubens painting.

If it weren't enough hubris to even attempt to do this, I am also painting it at an angle! I've been staring at the empty space in the gold frame wondering where to start. As an expert in procrastination, I've made myself a cup of tea, wandered around the studio, checked on my music selection, rearranged the day's brushes, petted our two cats, and looked out the window at all the spring greenery.

Then sitting down in front of my easel, there was still the empty, taunting, unpainted space inside the gold painted frame. I had no idea how to start.

Okay. Let's pretend this painting is not hanging on a museum wall as one of the ultimate painted representations of Daniel in the Lions' Den. It is just a story and I like telling stories. If it were my painting, how would I start? Like most paintings, I would start with the background.

Usually I would continue painting background to foreground but I wanted the foundation of the base in before I started on the subjects.

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