Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Courage of a Lion?

The lion looks much more regal now with darker tones, less red, and more definition in his mane. I think his mane still needs some touch up between his front paws but it is almost there.
The stick by the rock, now that it has been broken off, no longer draws my eye.

The lioness has been darkened. I'm not sure she is working for the piece. My eye is drawn to her first, before the lion. I like the story she adds, but is that enough? Should I darken her further, OR, should I paint her out of the piece? I have to admit I am attached to her. Not for the time she represents in the painting, but she has been in the concept of the painting from the beginning. It is almost midnight. Should I sleep on it or do I have the courage to make a bold decision?
Stay tuned.


Terry Miller said...

Hey Linda,

I wonder if you made the grasses in front of the female taller, sort of hiding her a bit whether that would lessen her intensity? It could make for a bit of a surprise aspect in finding her slightly hidden in the background and make the male more important? It's a lovely work, no matter what.

Erik van Elven said...

Hi Linda,
I like Terry's suggestion and I think the lioness should be in the picture. Because she's in the light and in the centre your eyes get drawn there first so if you could mask her a little you would not discover her right away. Without her there would be less of a story. My first impression is that she's a bit too bright and could use some shadowing (maybe some cooler colors to push her back) but you would really need to try those kind of things first in Photoshop to see if they would work.

Linda Besse said...

Good suggestion Terry and thanks for seconding it Erik. And I think darkening and hiding her would have worked. However, I decided to go a different route. See my next blog.