Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Story

I have a story I've wanted to paint for over 10 years and couldn't figure out the best way to portray it. With it rattling around in my head for that long I had almost given up hope.
Then the idea came to me.
The only way to tell the story was in a triptych style similar to my painting Movement.
In Movement, the piece is on one board and the borders are painted with colors from the foreground and background.

Here is the start of the new story.


Peter Brown said...

What a great concept, Linda. I'm increasingly unmoved by wildlife art from which the animal subject is placed front and centre, staring self-consciously out of the canvas. I much prefer that there be some kind of clear narrative, or at least the opportunity for the viewer to construe one. I'm sure you're onto a winner!

Linda Besse said...

Thanks Peter. I am constantly looking for fresh ways to tell stories. If I can say to my self, "I haven't seen that painted that way before," I have a chance.