Thursday, April 21, 2022


What is the significance of 900?

In this case it is my 900th painting! Yes, I have been keeping track.

  Once again I am changing the order of what I paint. Usually I would paint all the water and then get to the bold colors of the sail. In this case, I wanted to paint the sail near the beginning of the painting because I will be glazing the lower yellow section when it is dry. The glazing color over the yellow will yield a more brilliant color than I could achieve by mixing from the tube for my normal wet-on-wet application. 
   You can see from the above photo how I am building up the water.

   I've blended the different water colors but still left open spaces for the "white" sparkles which will be added later. Once the painting is almost complete, I'll have an idea of how much of the sparkles should be added to enhance the movement of the water.


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