Monday, May 6, 2024

More Green


Finally. The upper right leaves from a foreground tree are a nice warm green. I was able to break out the sap green and mix it with Gamblin's radiant yellow. Some sections have a touch of Rembrandt's cadmium yellow deep but I found the radiant yellow got me a more intense color.


 The farm has this craggy tree right next to the rock wall. I could have made it "pretty" but I found parts of it were quite interesting. I didn't paint every branch but went for the elements which in my mind defined the tree.

 The foreground grass and vegetation are rather loose. With all that is going on in the painting I didn't want one's eyes to stop on really detailed foreground plants/weeds. I did however want to make sure the brightest and warmest greens were on this side of the rock wall.




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