Thursday, June 27, 2024

Something Completely Different

 Painting dead animals is something I have done before: a lion with a zebra kill, a fox with a sik-sik, a leopard with an impala, a snowy owl with a sharptail.
This dead animal will be in a different "setting" - a place setting.
Each element in this painting is something I have not painted before. And why am I doing this? Once again, this is a chance for me to "stretch my brushes." 
In addition to painting new things I am exploring bold primary colors. 
Here goes.


I met this creature in person. He was my dinner.
We were in lobster season and he was plucked from the ocean by a lobsterman that morning.

In designing this painting there was a lot of editing. All extraneous elements were removed; the white bowl of fiddleheads, extra water glasses, the bread bowl, the bread plate, and the background dinners of my husband and mom.  None were essential in telling the story.

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