Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not 1, not 2, but Three!

I just received notice that THREE of my paintings were accepted as finalists for the Artist’s Magazine’s 26th Annual Art Competition. They are still tallying numbers for this year, but there were 11,400 entries for the 25th Annual competition.
The 5 categories for the competition were Abstract/Experimental, Animal/Wildlife, Landscape/Interior, Portrait/Figure, and Still Life/Floral. All of my winning entries were in the Animal/Wildlife category. I am thrilled to have this honor bestowed on not only 1 of my paintings, but three.
The winners:

Snow Flurries
Original Oil by Linda Besse
24" X 48"

Flamingo Dance
Original Oil by Linda Besse
16" X 30"

Giraffe & Company
Original Oil by Linda Besse
27" X 13.25"


sschopfer said...

Congratulations!!! (One exclamation point for each painting.) Among other things, that means your work might be on next year's calendar, right?

Linda Besse said...

Thanks for the !!!
Not sure about the calendar, but I am excited. I will be listed 3 times in the Dec issue as a finalist.

Jim Bortz said...

Very cool, Linda. Way to go!

Terry Miller said...

Hey Linda, Congrats!
Three very lovely works indeed and well deserved.