Friday, June 19, 2020

And... Finished

13.5" X 20"
Original Oil by Linda Besse

I usually have a working title in mind while I paint. Sometimes that title becomes the final title as it did here. There were many unexpected elements I was playing with. 

The story of Daniel in the Lions' Den is unexpected. He certainly should have perished, and rather quickly.
Rubens' choice of size and the number of lions is unexpected.
When one sees Rubens' painting hanging in the National Gallery of the Smithsonian, it feels unexpectedly large and impressive.

Okay, yes. There is a lion walking in the museum. THAT is unexpected.

Thanks for keeping me company and following along on this challenging painting. I believe my next piece might be a bit more simple. 


Peter Brown said...

You certainly believe in setting yourself challenges, Linda! A great result - as usual.

Unknown said...

I love unexpected. Perfect title. It made me smile and laugh. Very clever. Love it.
Wendy Sundquist, Maryland

Linda Besse said...

Thank you Peter. Thank you Wendy.
The piece is a bit out of the ordinary (okay, it is way out of the ordinary) so nice to hear you enjoy it. Linda