Friday, January 1, 2021

How big?


I hope 2021 greatly exceeds your expectations!

How big do I make this painting?

This is a question I often struggle with as I work on ideas for compositions. Some of the questions I ask are:

1.) At what size would this subject look best?

2.) Do I need a small, medium, or large painting to fill a gap in my available paintings?

3.) Have I done a number of small pieces and it is time for a larger one or visa versa?

4.) Where will the painting be going? Someone's home? Gallery? Show? and what size preferences or restrictions are in effect?

5.) If I don't have a set destination for the piece,  then what size do I feel like?

This next painting idea has been rolling around in my head since 2013. It is inspired by a visit to Genoa, Italy and a walk I took along narrow back streets populated with small merchant shops. There will be no animals in the piece and I have several new techniques I am eager to try.

Why paint it now? It is a new year and I'd like to start with something quite different. My three shows in the first quarter have been postponed so I have one painting slot of time available in which to experiment and "stretch my brushes."

What size did I decide upon? 24" X 21".  This is larger than I would normally use for a "try something different and complicated and use new techniques" painting. But, I have been nursing the idea for over 7 years. Time to be bold and usher in 2021 with gusto .... and a glass of wine!

Stay tuned.

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