Wednesday, October 20, 2021

On the Marsh

Unless you have a particularly vulnerable chicken coop, you are probably a fan of the red fox.

There is a wildness yet adaptability in this stunning species. 

Soft background painted and foreground roughed-in

I "cooled" the right side of the background to make the fox stand out

fox head detail


Peter Brown said...

Unfortunately, Australia's European settlers saw fit to introduce the red fox, with devastating consequences for our native wildlife (as well as our chickens). With the destruction wrought by foxes and feral cats, many of our unique species are barely surviving.

On a more positive note, I look forward to seeing this painting progress!

Linda Besse said...

Oh Peter you are so right. Being from North America I sometimes don't think of the damage an animal like a red fox can do when it is introduced in to a unique environment.
The "it's so pretty, let's have it here" attitude has had disastrous outcomes around the world from plants and trees to all kinds of animals.
I am glad you can look past the red fox's introduction mishaps and enjoy the painting in progress with a red fox in his native habitat (at least since the Illinoian glaciation.)