Wednesday, November 18, 2020


For the lion, I used the same approach as I did for the jackels. Create substance but not overly fussy detail which would distract from the backlighting effect.

To complete the scene, the grass needed to be painted. The above in progress image has grass suggested in the foreground. Even at this stage, the foreground seemed a bit plain.

The new color I used for the background bushes, Richeson's manganese violet, would create interest and continuity.


Below is the scan of the completed painting.

Feast        Original Oil    15" X 24"


Peter Brown said...

I love these African subjects, Linda. Must be time for a return visit (virus permitting!).

Linda Besse said...

Thanks Peter. Guess you can tell I am really drawn to Africa's magnificent wildlife. With over 25,000 photos and videos from my 2018 trip, I probably have enough reference for a few more paintings. ;)