Saturday, November 28, 2020

My backyard

Sometimes the inspiration for a painting is right in my own backyard.

 This is a piece I have wanted to paint for several years. One afternoon several ruffed grouse walked through our yard. One male captured my attention when he walked past a pile of wood we hadn't stacked yet. The leaves, the texture of the wood, and the grouse's almost camouflaged feathers made for an intriguing concept. 

In designing the painting I wanted the wood pile to be seen first and then the grouse. Once you see him, you wouldn't be able to un-see him.

The Wood Pile

Well, I haven't painted a wood pile before. It seemed like the center was a good place to start.

I started working on this piece while I was waiting for Feast, the previous painting, to dry so I could scan it. Rather than my slow progress blogs, I thought you might like to see a faster evolution to a painting.

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